About us

We will face “Mibyou” with advanced medicine and various technologies.

We are working with collaborative medical institutions and researchers to develop new technologies in various medical fields and to develop more effective medical treatment menus by combining the latest treatment and existing treatments.
In particular, for diseases that are difficult to surgically treat due to internal diseases such as cancer, not only the latest medical technology, but traditional medicines such as Oriental medicine, Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic, regardless of the east and west of the ocean are analyzed scientifically and logical Focus on the development of therapeutic and safe treatment menus.
For example

Gc-MAF and red soybean cedar prescription in cancer treatment, complementary and alternative medicine combined with immune improvement
Gc-MAF administration combined with immunity improvement for patients who have failed treatment plan after trying all three treatments of cancer, surgery, radiation therapy and anticancer drug treatment. Provide a free medical care menu combined with the.

Early cancer testing with the latest technology
By component analysis by blood collection, the state-of-the-art technology is menu-ized to detect cancer whose stage I or less is difficult to detect.

By developing a medical treatment menu like this, we are not only fighting against the disease itself, but we are analyzing the state of “pre-illness” at the early stage before becoming a disease, and conducting research on the medical treatment menu to prevent serious diseases.

Not only in Japan, there are areas where the declining birthrate and aging population are advancing in the world. In areas where the population density is low in a society with low birth rate and aging population, the time burden and financial burden on both doctors and patients tend to increase.
We are working on the main theme of researching such social problems across existing medical and social frameworks and providing solutions to them.